Excerpt from ‘Murder at the Renaissance Faire:

…It wasn’t the sword that caught my attention. It was the body. The dead body of a young man, lying on the other side of the stall, a long-handled battle-axe buried deep in this back.

Excerpt from ‘Murder at the Renaissance Faire:

Susan stayed where she was. For all her bravado, she was looking a bit sick. She coughed. “Did you check his pockets?”

“What? No, Susan, I did not check he pockets! For the love of–” I broke off suddenly. From the other side of the barn came the sound of a door opening…

Excerpt from ‘I’ll Die at Your Wedding:’

Susan gave Jim a squeeze as we headed out into the parking lot.  “Don’t worry, we are simple witnesses this time.  No more detective work for us!”

Susan’s tone was light, but her eyes were troubled.  We exchanged doubltful glances, both of us thinking the same thing…there was going to be trouble ahead.

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